Personal Injury Law Firm-Location Based Advertising

Personal Injury Law Firm-Location Based Advertising

  • Client: Personal Injury Law Firm
  • Start: June 02, 2019
  • Finish: Ongoing

Initial Overview

A client approached us and was having an issue that so many personal injury law firms have entered their market and they were confused on how to compete with other firms that were spending more money than they were and needed a plan the was niche enough to drive some better clients.

Solutions Implemented

ClickStrides Marketing offers some unique solutions that not all marketing companies offer. The newest most niche product that we offer is location based advertising. Location based advertising allows your company to pick the physical locations that your ideal clients may visit. For personal injury this can be an emergency room, auto body shop, 24 hour emergency clinic, hospital, a busy intersection or even a nursing home.

Location Based adverting allows:

  • An ad to be served to anyone who enters the specified location
  • An ad that follows the potential client for 30 days
  • Repetition for seeing your law firm ad for the precise time they are ready to take action
  • Your firm to brand your law firm in only highly targeted locations and not mass targeting


Our solution allowed our client to only advertise to those individuals visiting locations that their ideal clients will most likely have to visit. This allowed the firm to spend less money than the big TV lawyers, but gave them the ability to capture their target client at exactly the right time.

  • Precise audience targeting
  • Lower Cost solution
  • Repeat branding
  • Niche solution that isn’t saturated

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