Medical Malpractice Law Firm-Website Retargeting

Medical Malpractice Law Firm-Website Retargeting

  • Client: Medical Malpractice Form
  • Start: August 19, 2019
  • Finish: Ongoing

Initial Overview

A Medical Malpractice Law Firm approached ClickStrides Marketing to solve a conversion problem for their law firm. The firm was spending a large amount of money on Google Adwords, but they didn’t feel as though they were getting the desired results for what they were spending. We analyzed their Google Analytics Data and put together a solution.

Solutions Implemented

Based own the Google Analytics data, Google Adwords was working the way it is intended, but the conversion rates were lower than average for the legal industry. Since ClickStrides Marketing has an extensive background working with law firms we put together a solution to increase conversion rates.

We know that the Medical Malpractice practice area is different from other areas of law. Initially, most potential clients are conducting research first to determine if they have a legal malpractice case. Our client was receiving the desired amount of traffic and potential clients were spending a good amount of time on their website.

We implemented a solutions called website retargeting. Website retargeting takes the visitors of a website creates a way to keep the clients brand in from of them throughout their legal journey. Website retargeting allowed us to place an ad that follows the potential client throughout apps, browsers, and different websites. The client would see the ad over the course of 30 days throughout the most popular apps they use everyday.


With the integration of website retargeting, the law firm achieved the following:

  • Increase in closing rate per visitor.
  • Increase in repeat visitors to the law firm website.
  • Increase conversion for repeat visitors.
  • Ongoing branded throughout the decision making process for the client.

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