Family Law Firm-LawyerTrac

Family Law Firm-LawyerTrac

  • Client: Law Firm
  • Start: July 20, 2019
  • Finish: Ongoing

Initial Overview

Our client approached ClickStrides Marketing because they did not have a cohesive marketing plan that was showing any value. They were spending a lot of money and driving some leads, but they never knew which leads were originating from the areas they were spending money. Their goal for ClickStrides Marketing was to connect the dots and create a system that showed them precisely what solutions were generating the best leads and overall the best clients.

Solutions Implemented

ClickStrides Marketing offers a law firm specific solution called LawyerTrac. This solution was designed for the exact problems this law firm was facing. Most law firms first put their marketing dollars in either Google Adwords or Legal Directories like FindLaw, Avvo, Justia, and etc. The problem that we have found, is that most law firms all send this paid traffic to the same website. This created a tremendous reporting problem because you never know which marketing program generated the lead.

Most Google Adwords campaigns and legal directories offer call tracking numbers, but this is flawed if the client clicks to the firm website they then call the phone number listed on the website, which is not the call tracking number from the legal directory or Google Adwords program.

Enter LawyerTrac-What we created!

  • Landing pages were created for each marketing campaign(legal directory or Google Ads).
  • Each legal directory and Google Ads program was directed to a unique landing page where the client could not do anything but call or complete a landing page specific intake form.
  • Call tracking numbers were setup and were unique to each marketing campaign.
  • Seamless reporting was established to track all the marketing campaigns independently.


With the implementation of Lawyertrac, our client was able to gain the insights into which programs were generating their best leads. They were surprised to find out that the program they thought was performing the worst, was actually generating most of their leads. They were then able to shift more of their marketing dollars to this program and grow they campaign and generate more clients.

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